Thursday, April 23, 2015

Heaven on Earth(Day)!

There's a reason this is always one of our favorite JINGLE BELLES challenges, and it's because we know that every single one of you will *ROCK* the recycling! Of course this year was no exception, as these three cards help to prove pretty conclusively:

...rescued that pretty ribbon, then recycled (and ironed!) some super-festive tissue paper to create a uniquely wonderful background!

...up-cycled the beautiful sentiment panel from a Christmas card she received last year and used it to create her own very elegant greeting!

...not only made *TWO* gorgeous cards this year (be sure to check out the other one on her blog!) but is also the clever and creative cardmaker who suggested the recycling theme for our very first Earth Day, back in 2011! (Thanks, Miss Kathe!)  

Many Earth-friendly thanks to everyone who shared their creative recycling skills, and an extra-big, extra-festive THANK YOU our very lovely and talented friend Lorraine of Paper Vernissage for helping us celebrate this fortnight! We'll be back at midnight with a brand new prompt that's more than a little sketchy... Just sayin'... :)

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