Friday, October 4, 2019

The Hanukkah Song - 2nd Verse

We're still celebrating the winter holidays apart from Christmas, and you still have time to join the fun. In other words: you can make a general winter card, you can do New Year, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Hogmanay or Hanukkah, but for this fortnight only, we're not celebrating Christmas!

Stephanie says, "This week I created a Black & Gold Peace card with doves and stars for a general winter theme ... these are also nice to have for Thank You and other needs around the Holiday Season."

Lauren says, "Last week I used my Eyelet Outlet Tear Drop Bling as flames on a stamped menorah, but this week I realized that the eight letters of "HANUKKAH" could actually serve as the candles. It works best (imo) if your letters are all capitals, and close to the same width. I think I prefer the proportions of the larger card, because the scale of the flames and letters matches so well. On that card I used a craft punch which I thought of as being raindrops, but apparently Fiskars calls "Petal by Petal". Hoever ANY jewel, stamp or punch that is a similar shape would work. My papers are Ciao Bella's "Broccato Estense" collection (from my lss, Paper Anthology) are actually a bit spring-ish, when you see them in full, but the beautiful blues seemed perfect for the job. So basically there is not one single item that is specifically Hanukkah or even holiday related... I think I'm a bit proud of that, lol!"

Scroll down to the original post to link your Winter Holiday cards and see the fun little prize that's on offer this fortnight.

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