Thursday, March 22, 2018

Singing Your Praises

We're starting to think that we're not the only ones who LOVE to use holiday music as inspiration for our cards. One glance at the gallery proves that every single Jingle Belle was on her A-Game for this one! Here are three cards that especially made us do our happy dance:

...managed to totally rock this theme, despite not having much in the way of musical items in her stash. A great reminder to all of us that the only "product" you need to make a great card is CREATIVITY!!! 

...proved quite conclusively that the combination of diecuts and sheet music is absolutely ALWAYS a really good idea!

...convinced us that you definitely don't need a vintage vibe, a ton of layers, or even any COLOR to sing a beautiful song of Christmas! 


Many thanks to everyone who "sang along" with us this fortnight. We'll be back at midnight with a brand new prompt we hope will provide some good old fashioned inspiration!


Sybrina K said...

What a tweet surprise to see my little sparrow in today's post! Thanks for the shout-out, and congratulations to Barbara and LeAnne. :)

LeAnne said...

Aw, thanks for choosing my card this week...and congrats to Sybrina and Barbara too!

Barbara Godden said...

Thanks for choosing my card this week, I'm in awesome company with Sybrina and LeAnne