Friday, December 30, 2011

No Time Like the Present(s)

I know, i know, we said we'd be kicking off the "new" series of JINGLE BELLES themes on January first, but we were so excited to have not only a fantastic debut prompt, but also ♥FOUR♥ (four!!!) lovely guest stars coming along to help us kick of the new year, so we just could not wait until Sunday!  So let's get rolling shall we?

Can you a guess your assignment, based on the title of this post?  Of course, it's a pretty good reflection of our impatience to start making next year's holiday cards... but as a matter of fact, the brief for this first card of 2012 is in there too: 


Make a holiday card that incorporates GIFT WRAP:
as a background, as an accent, or using motifs cut from your favorite wrapping paper
Make a holiday card with an image of present(s) on it!

We are pleased and proud to introduce our cohorts for this celebratory new year's post, although if you followed along last year, none of these names will be new to you.  Yep, it's true, if you stick around long enough, even if you don't suggest a theme, eventually we are going to draft you to participate, anyway!  Consider yourselves warned!  :)  Now, meet our lovely guest stars:

made this gloriously sparkly and infinitely appealing confection of a present-shaped card!

Electra's favorite card from last year was made for the It Came Upon a Midnight Clear prompt, and surprised her by the fact that it convinced her she (apparently) likes PINK!  (who knew?!)  To us, however, it just confirms quite CLEARLY (ok, sorry!) that she can rock ANY challenge with which she is confronted!  Electra once, "...accidentally asked the manager of a cheese shop to marry me because his cheese was so good. It was VERY good. And he said No."  We cannot help but feel that whilst his cheese may have been exemplary, his judgement was poor, Miss Electra!!! ♥

stamped and colored, embossed and embellished, until this lovely card was just right!

Lisa is a design team member at The Friday Mash-Up. Her favorite card from last year was made using the Holiday Fall to Layout from our team-up with the Clean and Simple Stamping Blog.  She loves--and so, emphatically, do we!!!--how fun this card turned out, especially since she wasn't too sure about the circles when she first saw the challenge! :) Lisa's Christmas card-making is just the tip of the creative iceberg; as she says, "My family and I love Christmas! We go all out decorating our yard for Christmas and have often been called "The Griswolds", after the crazy family in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie. We take it as a compliment and come January 2012, we'll be working on new ideas for our Christmas 2012 display!"  We seriously cannot wait to see that, Miss Lisa, and hope you'll share photos with us JINGLE BELLES next November!

tackled the two aspects of this prompt, by making BOTH of the gorgeous cards you see above!  

Lisa is a Master Forger at Counterfeit Kit Challenge and co-runs the scrapbook challenge blog, Whimsical Musings.  Her favorite card from last year was in response to our prompt Shape Up  for the Holidays, and it is hard to argue with her choice of that gorgeous present-laden sleigh!  Lisa says she feels, "...a bit of a fraud to be guest designing over here, as I'm not really a card maker, I scrapbook! I joined in with the Jingle Belles fun last January and got totally hooked!" Without wishing to contradict our lovely friend we have to disagree:  after finishing 60 gorgeous Christmas greeting, Miss Lisa, you can officially call yourself a CARD MAKER, too!!!  :)

loves to repurpose items into her cards and crafts, so this first challenge of 2012 was right up her alley, as you can see from this fabulous and glimmering card!

Lorraine's favorite card from last year was made for a prompt near and dear to our hearts, I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas... and a Cure; and makes us swoon just as much now as when we first saw it in October.  Lorraine started stamping, "...when my daughter was in 3rd Grade - she's 28 now - and we used a toaster to do heat embossing on a Girl Scout project which worked quite fine until someone dropped their project into the toaster!" We not only admire the commitment to the next generation of papercrafters, we marvel at your ingenuity, Miss Lorraine!

Stephanie of Ingenious Inkling
has absolutely ALWAYS got a new idea, sketch, tutorial, or stamp to try out, and the results never, ever, disappoint, do they?!

Stef's favorite card from last year was made for our Shape Up prompt, and I think you'll agree it's a STAR, in every sense of the word! With regard to this current masterpiece Stef says, "I always buy my holiday wrapping paper at the after-holiday sales ... and I always look for papers that will work throughout the year like this metallic two-sided (teal & silver) paper.  I thought it would be fun to see if I could create something using origami, so I found this Wreath Tutorial and started folding.  The fold is very quick & easy and would make fun ornaments too.  I attached it to a silver metallic card base (framed by more wrapping paper) and added a grey EAD Designs rub-on sentiment."  Miss Stephanie is as committed to flossing as crafting, "...I own at least 10 containers of dental floss (Glide only please) and have them tucked away in my car, purse, desk, gym bag ... pretty much anywhere I might feel the need to floss."

finally, here's my own card, 
Lauren of ...all the GOOD blog names were taken...
which uses the square sketch option of Mojo Monday 221, and incorporates several different scraps of gift wrap (the gold flourish background & fussy-cut poinsettia), plus a bonus item that illustrates a quirky "fun fact" about me:  if I see something that'd be nice on a card, I retrieve it regardless of  circumstance; this pretty ruffled holly tissue paper was literally grabbed out of the trash at my brother's house on Christmas Day!  :)

In case you're wondering, I had quite a few "favorite" cards last year, and firmly believe that the reason is, I only had to make one per week and never hit the creative wall that mass-producing provokes in me.  Perhaps the card of which I am proudest was from the prompt we called Cardstock Christmas... because giving up patterned paper is a HUGE challenge for me!!!

And now it's time to see what you will do for NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT(S)!  Remember, we'll be posting prompts every other week this year, so you'll have nearly two weeks to participate... and of course you can make and submit as many new holiday cards as you like, as long as they fit the prompt!  Link up here by 6pm EST, Wednesday, January 11th.  Keyword for galleries or our flickr group is JB12-01.  

Have fun, JINGLE BELLES, and may we be amongst the first to wish you a very Happy New Year!  ♥♥♥   

Saturday, December 24, 2011

'twas the week before new year...

...and all through the ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ house, stephanie and lauren were getting pretty excited about an imminent second year of holiday creativity, friendship and fun!

2011 was awesome, especially the part where we had nearly *FIFTY* cards completed on november 30th, and were able not just to take december back, but actually take december OFF!  we spent the holiday season doing holiday things instead of frantically mass-producing festive greetings, and it was FABULOUS!  :)

if you played along with us this year, then you know exactly what we mean, and we hope you'll be inspired to come back on january 1st and help us kick the whole thing off again!  if you've just discovered us, we hope to see you next week, so you can get in on the action:  trust us, this whole "spread the work throughout the year" lark has HUGE holiday benefits; plus it's just a whole lotta fun, too!!!

this time, we're going to try something slightly different:  we'll be posting our new prompts every other week!  we'll still start early on fridays, and wrap up on wednesday evenings, but we'll be giving you TWO weeks to make and link up your cards for each theme.  we hope this will give everyone a little more time to create, and thus a better chance to participate!  on the other hand, it means we'll be only be posting *24* creative ideas to inspire you (as opposed to 48 this year) so if you need to produce 50+ cards in total, you'll want to be making more than one for each prompt. (lauren's note:  i still plan to make one card per week, and may post both here... or sometimes just do a "follow up" on my own blog.) 

once again, we'd like to remind you that we think of this as a group project, and so we LOVE including as many of our fellow belles as possible, in as many ways as possible!  so of course we welcome your ideas, your sketches, and your inspirations! you can email us anytime at  jinglebellesrock @ hotmail [dot] com. many of our favorite prompts last year were suggested by readers, and here's a little secret:  we used nearly ALL of the wonderful ideas your fellow belles dreamed up!!! even if you wouldn't like to set one of the prompts, we'd love to have you as a "lovely guest star"-- just write in and we'll fix you up with a date and an "assignment"! we’ll be starting the festivities with a few “regulars” from last year whom we’ve invited to make cards for the debut prompt!

the most important thing is to make this work for you, and--especially--to make it fun! the best thing we learned in 2011 was that the more friends we have with us, the more likely that is to happen, so we hope ♥YOU♥ will join us!

stephanie & lauren

Friday, December 23, 2011

new look!

hello lovely belles, just popping in to do a little "makeover" on the blog, and put up some brand spankin' new badges!  ♥

PS:  our new header and badges were made in photoshop using paper, brushes and elements from  anna aspnes' gorgeous artplay palette: retro holiday, from o'scraps; the fonts are deftone stylus, bohemian typewriter and impact--all free from; and the sparkliness is thanks to flergsover the rainbow glitter layer style from scrapbookgraphics, and implemented courtesy of this great tutorial!

Friday, December 2, 2011

wrapping it up!

can you believe it's december already ♥JINGLE BELLES♥? this year seemed to go by extra quickly, thus proving the old adage "time flies when you're having fun"! we certainly had a blast making our own cards each week, and even more fun seeing yours! of course it's very exciting to think that we each have nearly 50 cards ready to be signed and sent, but don't worry if you are not quite done yet, there's still plenty of time to finish up before the big day!

we won't have another prompt for you until we being our 2012 festivities on new year's day, but we thought you might like to continue cheering each other on during december, so feel free to link up the rest of the holiday cards you make, we'd love to see them! and who knows, we might sneak in a few more ourselves! :)

in the meantime, we offer yet another round of hearty ♥THANK YOUS♥ to all of our wonderfully generous sponsors, our lovely and talented guest stars, and to all of the amazing cardmakers who played along with us throughout the year! to every single one of you we say,


Thursday, December 1, 2011

talk about eye candy!!!

what a wonderful week of tasty treats it was around here ♥JINGLE BELLES♥!!! we are just glad that there were no calories in all of the deliciousness you sent our way, or we'd be piling on the holiday pounds already!

here are a few cards that especially tickled our sweet tooth this week:

made two super-sweet and totally festive cards using some digital products, some holiday supplies, and a bit of her regular stash

embellished one adorable stamp, proving that-- as in cooking--you don't need a lot of ingredients if you've got exactly the right ones!

used the perfect patterned papers and stamps to
fashion a candy house that is far too beautiful to eat!

i'm sure you're as anxious as we are to find out which ♥JINGLE BELLE♥ will get to go wild with a $15 voucher in the very awesome ROGUE REDHEAD shop! but first please join me again in thanking the very fun and very talented shar, the lovely lady behind rogue redhead designs, for coming along to play--and so generously sponsor--our last prompt of 2011, it was a TREAT indeed to work with her!

now without further ado, the winning number as chosen by is

which means that
is our lucky lady!!!

LAWREN, please email us at jinglebellesrock @ hotmail (dot) com to claim your prize!

do take a few moments to scroll down and visit the CANDY KISSES gallery when you get a chance. i know we said so every single week, but that's because it is A FACT: we spent this entire year marveling at your cleverness, your skill and your unflagging creativity; what a treat to be surrounded by a group of such supremely talented card-makers! of course, the very best gift of all this year was watching you all of you lovely ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ support and encourage each other as much as you did us! we could not be more pleased or proud to have been a part of that, and we cannot thank you enough!

we're already busy thinking up new ideas with which to inspire you in 2012, and we hope to see you--and your card-making resolutions--bright and early on new year's day! in the meantime, we wish you a wonderful, calm, and stress-free december, and the happiest of holiday seasons! you've earned it, ♥JINGLE BELLES♥!!!

lauren and stephanie

Friday, November 25, 2011

Candy Kisses

Since most of us in the United States stuffed ourselves with a Thanksgiving meal yesterday, we thought for our final Jingle Belles prompt of the year we would celebrate food.

The theme for this week's prompt is Candy Kisses ... We're asking you to create a card featuring holiday food, drink or candy ... maybe for you it's gingerbread ... candy canes ... or cookies & hot cocoa ... whatever foods mean Christmas for you.

And we are so excited to have Rogue Redhead Designs sponsoring our prompt this week. They provided both Lauren & me with their new Candy Kisses stamp set to use for our cards ...

and they will be providing one lucky winner with a $15 gift certificate to use at their store. RRD is celebrating its first anniversary with several stamp specials through the end of the year including fabulous bundled savings.

The Rogue Redhead behind Rogue Redhead Designs is the talented Shar of Ill Tempered Ink.

Shar says, "My addiction to paper crafting and stamping became passion, and I knew I would someday make my own stamps. Every so often people ask me about the name I chose for the company. The "redhead: part is obvious once you meet me. The "rogue" portion of the name comes from me not being great with rules. Even when I learn a new technique I tend to warp it ever so slightly in my execution. That works great for art (sometimes) but you probably don't want to test any of my baking :^)"

Shar shared several fabulous cards with us for this week's prompt:

Shar's first card combines the sassy lass from Milliner Misses
all decked out for the holidays with a candy kiss
on the brim of her hat and sentiment from

Shar turned these yummy cupcakes from
delicious holiday wreath ... love those red cherries on top.

Here's what Lauren & I created with our fun Rogue Redhead Designs stamps.

Lauren says, "i've been inspired all year long by the cards made by our lovely belles--and there have been some truly ♥AWESOME♥ takes on the snowglobe! when i saw rogue redhead's gorgeous snow people, trees & snow background stamps, i knew it was my turn. i've done an old school shaker card (i still LOVE 'em!) using this template. since i'm not a fabulous colorer, i tend to paper piece; i stamp my images in permanent ink on scraps of clear label from the office supply store and then adhere them to my patterned papers before cutting. i did actually *EMBOSS* the snow background, however, and i'm quite proud of that!" :)

Stef says, "I went straight to the candy & cupcakes in Candy Kisses ...
I made a sweet little card to send to a girlfriend who loves holiday
sweets as much as I do (bring on the dark chocolate salted caramels).
The layout is this week's Sweet Sunday Sketch."

So break out those calorie-free food, drink & candy images and create a yummy holiday card design. Upload your card by 6pm EST on Wednesday, November 30th using keyword JB48 in galleries including the Jingle Belles Flickr Gallery.

We will choose one random winner for the $15 gift certificate to Rogue Redhead Designs.

And as Lauren mentioned, Jingle Belles will be back in 2012 ... to once again take back December one holiday card at a time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

festival of lights

good morning, ♥JINGLE BELLES♥! we'd like to wish a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our friends in the USA; meanwhile, we hope that even if it's not a holiday where you are, that your thursday will be especially pleasant!

we spent a lovely week watching all of your beautiful "non christmassy" cards roll in! here are three that particularly took our fancy:

watercolored sky, artfully tore paper, and affixed tiny diamond stars, to give her lovely stamped figure a snowscape from which to enchant us!

took C&S to a whole new level with a stark white background, a dramatically inky technique, and just enough glitter to make us say, "oooooooooh!"

proved that one perfect stamp is all you need to make a gorgeous card... provided you also have an artist's eye and amazing color sense!

our last JINGLE BELLES prompt of 2011 debuts at midnight, and it's an especially sweet one--if we do say so ourselves! hope to see you then! :)

by the way, to all those of you who've been kind enough to ask: uh huh, we are going to do this again next year! we're gonna change it up a bit, and try some new things; whilst keeping all our favorite bits from this year. but yes,

will ROCK ON
in 2012!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Hanukkah Song

hello again, dear ♥JINGLE BELLES♥! can you believe that we're already onto the 47th of our 48 card-making weeks?! if you've been with us since the beginning, like stef and myself you're probably starting to look forward to a gloriously stress-free december! if you've only joined us recently, well done-- you're definitely ahead of the game! even if you've only just started to think about holiday cards: don't worry, it's not even thanksgiving yet! whether this is your 47th card or your first, just stop for a moment right now and take a bow! because handmade holidays are a BIG ACHIEVEMENT, whether you make every single card or just a select few for your deearest friends! there is absolutely *NO* wrong way to do this, we assure you!!!

since we are getting closer to both the festive season and our own finale for the year, this seems like a good time to make sure we're including EVERYONE who is special to us... whatever occasion or holiday in which they partake! so this week we're asking you to make a card for your friends or family who don't necessarily celebrate christmas. this could take the form of one of the other winter holidays: hanukkah, kwanzaa, new year and solstice spring to mind; or you could go totally non-denominational with a general winter-themed card. there are lots of ways to go, and we feel confident that you will surprise and delight us with ideas we haven't even imagined yet, because you always, ALWAYS do! ♥

in the meantime here's what we did:

Lauren says, "i realize i tend to be known more for pink-n-sparkly, but i'm a pretty big fan of blue-n-sparkly cards, too... and hanukkah is sort of the ultimate occasion for that! i've celebrated it here with a transparency-base "sideways tall card", some glossy blue starry paper, two different types of silver letters, and a fun, funky menorah that just wants to jump right off the page! bring on the festival of lights!!!"

Stef says, "My go-to theme for the cards I design for my "non-Christmas-celebrating" friends is peace ... a theme I believe everyone can embrace. I usually pair one of my many peace sentiments with snow. For this card I used a favorite John Lennon quote with a pre-made dimensional glitter tag I found in the gift wrapping section at Michael's (cheaper than *official* card embellishments). The layout is the November Sketch for You to Try."

and now it's time to see what you will do with this non-christmassy prompt! remember any other winter holiday is fair game: hanukkah, kwanzaa, the solstice, the new year; OR even a general wintery themed wish of "peace", a "thinking of you" card, or heck a pretty "thank you" note will do. put on your thinking caps and link up your best card creations by 6pm (EST) next wednesday, november 23rd! keyword for galleries and our jingle belles flickr group is JB47.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stuck On You

We really enjoyed all of the sticker creativity this week ... we particularly loved some *vintage* stickers finally getting some love ... we don't even want to admit how old some of our sticker collection might be.

A HUGE thank you to our fabulous guest stars Designer Team Members Liz & Amy from E.A.D. Designs and to the generous folks at E.A.D. Designs who sponsored this week's prompt.

Here are a few fabulous jingle belles we thought interpreted this week's prompt in particularly ingenious ways:

showed us that you don't need holiday stickers to make a fantastic holiday card ... she combined fun alphabet letters with holiday colors to her Chi-Chi's hat for this super-cute card.

found creative ways to incorporate lots of stickers
into her fabulous holiday design ...
who knew Santa's belt could become a scalloped embellishment??

recycled a sticker she cut from an envelope & saved
(yes, you know you've done it ... or at least thought about it)
into this adorable little holiday card.

and ... drum roll please ... our random number generator picked:

to win our prize this week ... $25 Gift Certificate to E.A.D. Designs ... e-mail us and we'll get your gift sent on its day ... can't wait to see the fun things you create with all of those awesome stickerz.

You know the drill ... make sure you stop by the fabulous cards in the gallery & leave a little jingle belles love (because seriously ... who couldn't use a few more kinds words in their life) ... and then check back at midnight for our 47th (can you believe it) holiday card prompt.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Stick-y and Sweet

We're going sticker-crazy at jingle belles ... this week's prompt is to use at least one (or perhaps many more than one) sticker on your card.

And to help us with this stick-y and sweet theme is one of our favorite sticker companies ... E.A.D. Designs.

E.A.D DESIGNS is a family owned and operated business. Emily Nelson (owner) started E.A.D DESIGNS in 2002, and in a few short years has grown into one of the largest retailers/wholesalers for Vinyl Lettering and Wall Art. They started their scrapbooking rub-on line in 2009 and in 2010 started offering their amazing Stickerz.

Not only did they provide Lauren & me with fabulous stickerz to design with this week (thank you very much), they are also providing one lucky participant in this week's prompt with a $25 Gift Certificate to their store (trust me, that will buy a whole slew of stickerz).

And ... we're also thrilled to have several talented members of the Design Team at E.A.D. Designs join us this week.

Liz of Liz's Paper Loft shares that she is married to a man that understands my need to be creative, and she has two grown daughters. She works part-time for a real estate company to support her *habit* ... a love for paper and all things crafty.

Liz says, "The torn paper landscape is perfect for these

Amy Tsuruta of Tsuruta Designs shares that she lives in the beautiful state of Washington with her two fabulous kids & is engaged to the best guy ever! Her dream job would be to craft all day (wouldn't we all love that luxury). Amy also hosts the fabulous Flashback Friday Blog where we get to revisit our past creations (and be grateful for how far we've come).

Amy says, "I combined stickers from three sets ~ Frames Rub-ons,
Woodland Friends Stickerz & Christmas Sentiments ~ for this fun holiday card design."

And here's what we made with our E.A.D. Designs Stickerz:

Stef says, "For my card, I combined clear stickerz from Jolly Stockings and Christmas Words with perfectly coordinated papers from Crate Paper's Snow Day Collection (while I prefer clear ... stickerz also come in white if you don't want the background color to show through). The sketch is from this week's Christmas Card Challenge ... so quick, easy & fun ... and did I mention ... stickerz are repositionable ... if you get things a little crooked, just lift it up & try again with no tearing."

Lauren says, "for me, the only hard part of this assignment was choosing from the huge--and totally FABULOUS--selection at E.A.D. Designs! once i settled on deck the halls and retro christmas clear "stickerz" sheets, my work was pretty much done. all i had to do was choose a few coordinating patterned papers, layer my elements together and ♥VOILA♥ a card that's merry and bright in every sense! oh and did i mention i still have enough stickerz left for AT LEAST 3 or 4 more cards??! niiiiiiiiiiice!"

We know you've got some stickers somewhere in your crafting stash ... pull them out and show us your holiday sticker creativity. And if you use E.A.D. DesignsStickerz for your card, remember to also link your card up at their monthly customer showcase for a chance to win even more goodies.

Whatever you decide, link it up by 6pm (EST) next Wednesday night, November 16th. Keyword for galleries or the flickr group is JB46 ... we can't wait to see your sticker magic.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

CLEARLY awesome!

it must be said, ♥JINGLE BELLES♥, that we secretly thought this week's prompt, with its emphasis on all things transparent, translucent, and see-through, was one of the technically toughest we've set all year. and yet... CLEARLY you had no trouble at all rising to the occasion with amazingly impressive holiday cards!

here are a few clever cards we particularly loved this week:

created a fabulous landscape seen through an acetate window frosted with snow and ice!

printed her sentiment on vellum edged with tiny, glimmery, totally glamorous glass beads!

stamped and colored an adorable snowman... then built a real snowglobe around him!

if you've not yet scrolled down and perused the *midnight CLEAR* gallery, may we be so bold as to suggest that as your next stop? then, after you've basked in the glory of your fellow BELLES' infinite creativity, c'mon back here because we've got a brand new prompt and a lovely sponsor... who might well be offering a bit of a prize this week... though of course i couldn't possibly SAY SO before the official start at midnight!!! :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

it came upon a midnight *CLEAR*

have you already guessed this week's theme, ♥JINGLE BELLES♥? has the emphasis of the word "CLEAR" given it away entirely?

ok, then, you've got us: this week we're asking you to make a holiday card that contains at least one see-through element, whether that be glass, a transparency, some vellum, acetate or "ghost" shapes, clear stickers, lucite buttons, shrink plastic... whatever you like... if you can see through it (& figure out how to attach it!) put it on there and link it up!

here's what we did:

Lauren says, "i love making cards out of transparencies! probably because i love *LAYERS* so much, and the clear base gives you sooooo many possibilities on that score: you can use both the inside AND the outside in your design! plus the "wow factor" is kind of hard to beat, isn't it?! in addition to a gold snowflake transparency card base, i've placed holiday-themed vellum inside the card, and finished off with a few stickers, a couple of rub-ons, and a fancy bling word. i have to say i am pleased with this one, and can only tell you that if you like it A BIT in the photo... it's actually even cooler in real life!"

Stef says, "Somehow I managed to temporarily *misplace* my box of transparencies during a recent studio reorganization, so as I was searching for them, I also looked for any other clear items I could incorporate into this week's prompt ... I finally settled on some acetate packaging that formerly held a bunch of tiny roses.

I cut the *bubble* away from the packaging & punched a hole in the front of a folded piece of white cardstock, so I could fill my snow globe shaker with EAD Designs Stickerz and some clear bead-like shapes (the kind you find in the floral section to fill vases). Once I had that part finished, I created the front of my card (using this week's Cardabilities sketch) and then punched a hole through that, so I could slip in my shaker. I finished with an EAD Designs rub-on sentiment, a felt snowflake & gem, and a base for my shaker snow globe. Papers are Echo Park Holly Jolly."

so *CLEARLY* now it's time to see what you will do: go all out with full-on see through card? or perhaps more sensibly make a regular card with a bit of patterned transparency or vellum on top? or even just sneak in a couple of plastic or acetate items?! remember you can use inkjet transparency sheets from the office supply store to make any of your digital files into transparent elements!!! whatever you decide, link it up by 6pm (EST) next wednesday night, november 9th!!! keyword for galleries or the flickr group is JB45. we can't wait to see (thorugh) your cards! ♥