Thursday, April 19, 2018

Optimal Orange

We loved seeing all of the creative ways you interpreted our inspiration photo.

Here are a few that were optimal.

you know we're suckers for punny sentiments ... and little puppy tracks in the snow ... and perfect use of the colors to decorate both the tiny village and cute little doggie ... and did you see those fabulous clouds?

really rocked the white space with the perfect amount of texture from embossing and stitching ... and the orange ties it all together.

created with snowflakes from all three colors with the wonderful pop of color from orange stripes and an orange sentiment ... wonderful combination of elements.

See you back at Midnight for our annual ode to the Earth.


KatheD said...

yay! "our annual ode to the Earth"! to which I look forward, seriously, all year, every year :) beautiful choices for optimal orange, btw

Celeste Goff said...

Thank you so much for selecting my card as one of the winners. I appreciate that very much, especially considering how many beautiful projects there were to choose from!