Thursday, January 6, 2011

even *LAUREN* is speechless! :)



37 cards for the very first prompt??!?!?! holy moly! we never saw that coming, but could not be more thrilled! thank you very much indeed to every one who played, or commented, or became a follower, or just stopped by and had a look. we're excited to see so many old friends AND to make so many new ones! as an added bonus it's unbelievably cool to see how many of you are going around to visit each other's blogs and leave comments!

plus...have you SEEN the cards in question?! truly amazing, unique, beautiful and creative works of art. and we mean EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. in fact, if you only have five minutes to spend here, stop reading this right now and scroll down to the thumbnails in the last post because THAT is the show. up here is just talk! :)

ok except for a couple of faves to which we cannot resist sending an extra-special shout out:

used found items (doily, cupcake wrapper, vintage style stamps) in a particularly brilliant way!

not only stuns with her stamping, but used a SERIOUSLY creative fold!


(who's 4!) made this beautiful snowman tag...and is sporting the look of pure joy we hope ALL jingle belles feel about their creations!!!

remember, this whole "make our cards early" lark is NOT an obligation, and it's definitely not all-or-nothing! if you didn't get a chance to make a card this week, it's no big deal. seriously. come and make one next week! or heck, do the first prompt NOW! (the inlinkz is closed, but if you leave a link in the comments, we WILL come & see it, honest!!!) however many (or few!) cards we each make during the year lessens the load in december, and puts us that much more ahead of the game; truly, there is NO WRONG WAY to do this!!!!!

finally, we need to break out the largest font and some festive colors to express the appropriate amount of happiness in the following statement:

thank you, fellow jingle belles!

for making this the BEST WEEK EVER... until next week, that is!!! ;)

(the CARD TWO prompt goes up at midnight... hosted by miss stephanie...and it's a goodie... just sayin'...)


Lin said...

Sweet little NiMu made my morning.....I know this is going to be a fun blog! Thanks for smiles!

Jennifer Rzasa said...

Yesterday I was going through the entries, and I too was blown away by Paige's card. I'm glad you featured it!

~* steph :) *~ said...

love lorraine's card, what sweet vintage images! love how she combined everything! love paige's fancy fold. nimu is just the cutest little one ever! love her tag!!! look forward to this week's prompt!! *hugs* steph :)

Miria said...

Fab cards, thank you for sharing! I'll pop in tomorrow for the new challenge! Hugs. Miria

Denise Bryant said...

Can't wait to pop in at some of the blogs to have a closer look! Great response to get so many participants! Love NiMu's snowman creation too.... how sweet!

Lorraine said...

This was certainly a lot of fun. I really enjoyed being able to create something for Christmas without feeling any pressure. Jingle Belles does rock!

Jolene said...

Yep, I missed it. *Waaaah!* I'm so sorry. I even had old papers laid out on my desk to participate, but it just never happened. :-( I'm anxious to see challenge #2, for which I will be scheduling time to participate.

~amy~ said...

Awesome job ladies!!!! The energy is certainly contagious!! Thanks for all the fab inspiration!!!

NiMu said...

Thanks for special mention NiMu's name.
She feel so happy and sweet for you.:)
We will join you as possible as we can.:)
~~NiMu's mommy-darling Ho~~

Anonymous said...

I've started out fabulously - missed the "fine print" about uploading by Wednesday night - doh! At least everyone else made fabulous cards ON TIME! Beautiful, each and every one!

Rosemary said...

Of course we should be visiting one another's blogs - not only do we want to spread the contagion of blissful crafty blogging but also to get inspired! Got some fantastic ideas and inspiration for more cards! Let's keep this mojo going, ladies!

Dawn said...

Those shout out cards are awesome! Nimu is just the cutest card maker ever! I love your card Nimu!!

June Houck said...

WAHOOO!!! I am happy for both of you...I can't wait to see what you both have in store for us :)

Girlsinthecraft said...

What a great first turn out! Good luck to all you ladies.