Thursday, March 17, 2011

so very KRAFTY!

ok, HOW MUCH did we all looooooove leslie's gorgeous JINGLE BELLES color palette this week??! quite a lot, judging by the AMAZING cards that came in! everyone stop right now and give yourself a massive round of applause from us, ok?! THANKS!

here are a few especially drool-worthy cards that leslie thought ROCKED the kraft, white, and blue of the COOL YULE color scheme particularly well:

leslie says, "I love everything about this card: the tan leaves (and all that cutting!), the big white bow, the blue bling, and the minimalist sentiment. Just love it!!!"

leslie says, "There's so much to like about this card: the oval frame with the snowflakes tucked into it, the pretty snowflake paper, the extra snowflakes, the cutie-patootie image, and don't think I didn't see the two rows of embossed borders behind it all! Who wouldn't love to get this card?!"

by Lisa H of Recklinghausen Musings
leslie says, "The paper for this card is perfection. Then she added the sentiment layer, the bow, the flower, the tape. Everything just works so well together. Stunning!"

thank you to *EVERYONE* who played; and extra special thanks to LESLIE aka THE CROOKED STAMPER for being our lovely guest star this week and providing us with her own special brand of non-traditional--yet entirely awesome--inspiration! once again, i'd point out that if you're not currently reading her hilarious tales of crafty derring do each day, you are missing out! but DO NOT take a beverage when you go...i'm just sayin'... :)

since the brand NEW prompt... with a brand new "guest star"...doesn't go live until midnight, you've got plenty of time to scroll down to the thumbnails in the last post and spend a bit of time seeing your fellow JINGLE BELLES' cards! ENJOY!


~amy~ said...

yahooooo ladies...excellent cards!

Lisa said...

I am SO thrilled to be picked out! Thanks so much. I'm new to cardmaking but this weekly challenge is really great for me to try new things and be inspired by the other Belles! I adore all the cards this week - the colour scheme was perfect! Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the new challenge tomorrow!

Rose said...

fantastic cards girls :)

Jess said...

Gorgeous card! Love the clever wreath! I played along but didn't post in time so here it is

Lisa Voerg said...

Wow! What a surprise! I can't believe my card was selected. I loved the non-traditional color palette idea. It really pushed me to think of what I wanted to do. Thanks again for picking my card and I can't wait to see what is next.