Friday, September 30, 2011

PEACE on Earth

One of my favorite themes for holiday cards is Peace. In the bustle and chaos of the holidays, I think it's important to step back from it all and find peace ... both inner peace and world peace.

So our prompt for this week's card is to incorporate a Peace Symbol or the word Peace into your design ... or create a card that evokes Peace for you (snow, forest, etc.).

Stef says, "When I saw this "Christmas Peace Sign" t-shirt, I wanted to try and replicate a similar design using rubber stamps. I started by using pencil & a roll of tape to draw a light circle on white cardstock. Next, I gathered-up multiple small snowflake stamps from Hero Arts Holiday Cheer and Snowflakes sets and four colors of Distress Ink. I started with the larger snowflakes and then filled-in with the smaller ones. I finished with a favorite sentiment from CatsLife Press."

Lauren says, "i started with this beautiful representation of the word "PEACE" from a vintage christmas card... (you can't really tell in the photo, but the gold bits are gilded and the whole thing is beautifully embossed!) ...i cut out the center of the letter "P" to fit in the dove, which i fussy cut from a different vintage card. then i became a little bit stumped because everything i tried to add in the way of embellishments just seemed like too much! eventually, i realized that was a sign i should just keep it simple with a couple of mats and a little decorative stitching."

So this week, find your inner peace, and channel it into a peace-themed design ... can't wait to see what you create. Link-up your cards by 6pm EST on Wednesday, October 5th. Use keyword JB40 if you upload to our Flickr Gallery or other Galleries.


Rose said...

WOW! steph your card is awesome and lauren yours is truly gorgeous!!!

Deborah Frings said...

Ladies - both so different, both so inspirational - off to think about this now!!

Eveline said...

I made a card this week, it's a card for two challenges,we had such gorgeous weather this last weekend, it was too good to sit inside.

Electra said...

You two take so much time and make the most wonderful cards each week! You're my card-heros.

Janet said...

I haven't quite got myself back on track - a bit too much to distract me at the moment. Hopefully things will return to normal (or as normal as I can be)

Lorraine said...

I love this theme and I love your cards. The snowflake peace sign is cool and the illuminated letter is so beautiful.