Thursday, May 5, 2016

Warm Washi Wishes

So many amazingly lovely tape-centric creations in the gallery, and every single one of them is a WINNER! You guys sure do make it hard to only choose a few to "feature", but here are some that especially warmed our washi-loving hearts:

...made not one, not two, but *NINE* beautiful, unique, fabulous tape-based holiday greetings. If you haven't already seen them, you must GO... go NOW

...combined a bunch of gorgeous tapes-- some holiday ones, some not-- to beautiful effect, then went for bonus points by cutting some of them into arrows to point out her stamped sentiment!

...proved that you don't necessarily need a lot of tapes --or a lot of ANYTHING, for that matter-- if you've chosen wisely and well!

I think we're all longing to find out who'll be getting that fun prize from our wonderful friends at Eyelet Outlet, right? According to the lucky number is... *4*! Which means that

is our lucky winner, congrats!
(ok, yes, this is the very first time that we've ever had someone be in the shout-outs and then ALSO turn out to be the prize winner, which just goes to show you, it really *is* a RANDOM draw done by the little widget thingie at!!!)

Please email your address to Lauren at llaurenb @ so we can get that prize to you ASAP!

Once again we'd like to thank Eyelet Outlet for sponsoring us and providing the prize; our Eyelet Outlet Design Teammates Barry Lynn Snarr and Dawn Mercedes Barrett for being our lovely guest stars; and of course we are always grateful to have such wonderful, creative readers who share their inspiration with us each fortnight! ♥ 

We'll be back at midnight with a brand new prompt and another very talented "co-star" we hope will really shake up your holiday cardmaking!


June Houck said...

Yay for Ms. Electra! Nine cards? Super fab. Congrats to all three spotlighted cards; lovely washi-work, Ladies!

Electra said...

Woo Hoo! I was so excited to see you featured one of my cards and then schooled down...Double Yippee! Thank you!