Thursday, September 8, 2016

Musical Masterpieces

We loved the awesome variety of ways our Musical prompt inspired you to create.  Here are a few of the musical masterpieces.


created a card inspired by a Christmas Carol - Joy to the World.  
The silhouettes and text are fantastic against her awesome inky background.


totally rocked -paper-piecing for her adorable chorus of animals.
The musical background and musical sentiment were the icing on the cake.


showed that just a little music goes a long way in a perfect design.
Her embossing really adds elegance to this gorgeous holiday card.

Make sure you join us at midnight where we'll be taking you HOME for Christmas.


Herry Johnson said...

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June Houck said...

These are gorgeous musical creations! Congratulations, Ladies :)

Sue Crease said...

Beautiful top 3, sorry I didn't get chance to play this week.

Marina said...

Thank you!!Congrats Creamaria and Asha.