Thursday, October 26, 2017

May All Your Christmases Be... ♥PINK♥!

There are lots of reasons we love ♥PINK CHRISTMAS♥ so much. For one thing, we love that every single card you link up helps us raise more money to help find a cure for breast cancer! This year we had 46 amazing cards (and YES, we remembered to count the "extras" from those of you kind enough to put more than one into a post) and since each of us (Lauren and Stephanie) donate $2 per card, that means you've helped us raise $200 (ok, we rounded up a tiny bit) for the Breast Cancer Research Fund! THANK YOU!!! ♥♥♥

Another thing we love about this challenge is that we always see some of the most beautiful cards of the year. And here are three that made us feel especially "in the pink" this time:

...made not one, not two, but  EIGHT of the gorgeous cards in our Pink Christmas gallery, each one of them beautifully stamped, colored and embellished to perfection, for which we thank her very much indeed! We couldn't possibly pick a single favorite, but if you reallllllllllly pushed us, this might be the one! (You definitely need to check out ALL of them on her blog!)

...did not use the most or the brightest pink of all the cards we saw, but we'd argue that it's the most dramatic use of pink; and it stands out so amazingly well against the grey and white!

...made SIX of these beautiful CAS cards! You really need to go and see them all, because she used the same very cool mask + ink technique on all of them, but had fun changing up the stamps, the sentiments and even the orientation of the cards! And then she made four of this design. And two of these. We're kind of in awe and we think you will be too, so GO and see them all!!!

Many thanks to every one who linked up their gorgeous cards, who shared the graphic, and spread the word for ♥PINK CHRISTMAS♥ we appreciate every single one of you! We'll be back at Midnight with a brand new prompt that we hope will not effect your creature comforts in the near future... ;)


Barbara Godden said...

Thanks for the shout out with my pink poinsettia card, it's one of my favourites and one of my favourite prompts too. Everyone that joined the challenge is a winner.

Marianne said...

Thanks for the shout-out. So glad I could help raise some money for a good cause AND create more Christmas cards at the same time.