Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Banner Celebration

What a fabulous way to celebrate the final challenge of our 2023 season: With an absolutely awesome collection of holiday cards inspired by our very own Jingle Belles Blog header! Here are just a few that particularly caught our eye; though truly, you really need to scroll back to the original post to see them all!

...captured the full-on blog banner aesthetic ...vibrant pink trees, collaged text background, swirls of bling, etc... using/adapting items from her stash for this lovely portrait-oriented card!

...embraced the color palette, the trees, and touches of sparkle, but fitted them into a fabulous modular sketch for a super-clean look!

...used the elements and layout of the banner, but stuck to a more realistic color palette; and made us realize that the original design really SHOULD HAVE had a moose!!!


A big thank you to everyone who participated, we genuinely do love seeing ALL of your amazing creations! We'll be back at midnight with a few final thoughts for the season AND, of course, our personal card pile pics, as tradition demands!


Gail said...

Awe, Thanks so much for the mention!
All the submitted designs rock!

Lorraine said...

Great choices! Love the moose too!

Denise Bryant said...

Thanks for the mention in your post, and congrats also to Gail and Alicia! I had fun making the card and had to add that cute moose to my snowy scene!

Golden Goddess Designs said...

thanks for the shout out!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed them all!
Happy holidays to all!