Thursday, April 25, 2024

Earth Day Celebration

The annual recycling challenge is always a favorite at Jingle Belles; we love seeing the pretty/ interesting/ useful things other crafters have saved... and we especially love seeing how they get used to make inspiring holiday cards. Every single link in the Readers' Gallery is worth a visit, and we hope you'll take time to scroll through. Meanwhile, here are three masterpieces of recycling that especially caught our attention:

...has been Jingling along with us since the very beginning (in 2011!) and has basically NEVER made a card we did not love. But she is always especially "hot" when it comes to our Earth Day celebration, and this year is no exception. Hop over to her blog to read all about this adorable Rescued Reindeer AND... the other two cards she made from almost 100% found and recycled ingredients!

...upcycled parts of a lovely holiday card she received AND the gloriously inky, shimmery blotter paper from her crafty work station to make a card that is both artful and elegant!

...raises a caffeinated cup of Christmas Cheer and reminds us that long before we ever heard of Kraft Paper, many of us would save and re-use those lovely, sturdy brown grocery sacks from the Supermarket... which still work beautifully for creative purposes!


Many thanks to everyone who played along, we'll be saving quite a few of your brilliant ideas for next year's Earth Day Special! Jingle Belles will be back at Midnight with a brand new challenge featuring a holiday hero we suspect needs no introduction!

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Lorraine said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! This is one of my favorite challenges and I just love that you include it every year and love seeing all the ideas that everyone comes up with.