Saturday, December 25, 2010

a quick quiz

when did you finish making your 2010 holiday cards?

a. december 1st

b. december 15th

c. i'm almost done! no, really, just a few more to go!

d. holiday cards??!?! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you answered b, c, or d... and let's face it, we all answered b c or d, didn't we?! (lauren and stef have both personally answered b, c, or d every single year since they started making cards!!!) ...and feel like you've cheated yourself yet again out of december's holiday fun ... have we got an idea for you:

let's make 2010 the last year we inflict last minute holiday card panic--or a fast and shamefaced trip to hallmark (yeah, we've all done THAT, too!) --upon ourselves, ok?!

let's do the math: if we make ONE CARD PER WEEK, every week of 2011, we will all have 48 fabulous and unique holiday cards on december first. how cool will that be??!?! (hint: it's VERY cool indeed; it's arctic, in fact!)

let's get real: we've all *SAID* we're going to do this before, haven't we? (lauren and stef have personally said we're going to do this every single year since we started making cards!!!) and we really did MEAN IT...but then somehow it didn't quiiiiiiiite happen.
so lauren and stef thought: HEY!!! what if we all did it TOGETHER?! what if we publicly made this promise to ourselves...and then made it a fun promise to keep?! not a chore, but a creative challenge, a cool thing to look forward to every week?!

so this is it! this is the year we're all going to ENJOY DECEMBER! (and hopefully have a really good time in the rest of the months, as well!)

so this year, on new year's day, when we all wake up full of resolutions and good intentions, excited about a clean slate, let's start as we mean to go on:

let's make one little christmas card per week. let's make new friends and try new techniques. let's cheer each other on, inspire each other, get each other back on track when we need to, and just generally be excited about our common goal!

see you on january 1, 2011!!!


Lori Pilla said...

Lauren and Stef, This is a great idea. What a great idea to get started on next years cards. Looking forward to participating in the inspiration.

Tyggereye said...

Oh, I couldn't vote because I cheated and printed out photo cards from Walgreens so I guess that would be D. And I also cheated by using tags I made LAST year for Tim Holtz's tags and made them into cards around the 15th or so... So Thats kinda B right?

I will be doing my best to be joining in on your blog. I'm filling my art plate up with goodness and I will be more done this year! :)

Anonymous said...

I added your badge to my sidebar under challenges... cool... fun... love the "jingle belles"!
Pam Going Postal

Linda Brun said...

Yes yes yes.... clever girls with clever ideas ;-) I'm in.

Tracy said...

ok... can i admit here we made the shame faced trip to the hallmark store and NEVER sent THOSE!!!!! how sad huh.
i think i'm in :-)

Emma in Canada said...

I'm I just need to start my new blog!

Annie said...

I can vouch for this being a great idea. Did the same myself last year and ended up with too many cards!!! Eek! Will add a link on our Christmas Card Challenge blog as it's nice for people to be able to gather inspiration from more than one.
Wishing you and your families all the best for the New Year.
Ann xxx
Bah! Humbug! DT

~* steph :) *~ said...

such a fabbie idea :)!!! *hugs* steph :)

Ros said...

Can't wait to get going before I lose the Christmas 'bug'

Jennifer Rzasa said...

I'm looking forward to participating!

Ann said...

Such a FAB idea...I always have good intentions, but then I'm miserable every December trying to crank them all out! Can't wait to play along!

Anonymous said...

Finish? We were supposed to FINISH?! Yeah, not so much... I'm totally excited to play along!

June Houck said...

Your posts are always so clever and FUN! I am anxious to see what a non-stressed Lauren looks like this December :)