Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Love You, No Foolin'!

Thank you once again, JINGLE BELLES♥! It was exciting to see how many of our fellow holiday card-makers were up for having a little bit of April-Fool-inspired holiday fun with us this week! We got some happy cards, some clever cards, and some downright HILARIOUS cards...but the one thing they all had in common was that every single one made us smile! :) here are a few especially inspired bits of silliness we from the JINGLE BELLES, BATMAN SMELLS prompt:

combined a beautiful design we love... and a funny sentiment we heartily support!

has it ALL going on with this adorable card... and self-composed verse ...inspired by her dear husband!

Sue of Random on Purpose

could not find an image to accompany her own original joke... so SHE DREW this charming scene to illustrate it!!!

Thank you very much to *EVERYONE* who played along; and extra special thanks and congratulations to those for whom this was the very first try at a humorous card! We are always massively impressed by how many of you are willing to jump out of your "comfort zone" and take a walk on the wild side with us! We hope you had as much fun with it as we did!

We'll be back at midnight with a brand new prompt, once again inspired and guest-starring one of your lovely fellow JINGLE BELLES! In the meantime, put down your beverages before you scroll down to the thumbnails in the last post... trust us... you'll be laughing too hard to risk it! ♥


June Houck said...

We love you back, S & L! This was a super fun challenging challenge. All the funnier for not being part of our normal Christmas cards :)

~amy~ said...

yahoooooooo ladies!!!! I think the humorous challenge was a fun the cards you featured today!

Linda said...

these are GREAT! I miss y'all much...but I'm so glad to lurk around and get the laughs and inspiration from all the "Belles"

Congrats to the winners ;-)

Dawn said...

Thanks for featuring my card! I had a lot of fun with this challenge and really enjoyed taking a peek at the other submissions. There were many chuckles to be had.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's amazing!! Can't believe you picked my card, I thought it was so lame, lol!! Just goes to show that ones mans rubbish is another's treasure!!