Thursday, October 18, 2012

pretty (and proud!) in pink

take a bow, ♥JINGLE BELLES♥, in addition to creating some of the most lovely and amazing holiday cards of the year, you've helped us to raise $400 for the susan g. komen fund and we could not be more pleased! thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity in embracing our favorite non-traditional holiday color for this very good cause! here are a few cards we especially loved this week:

proved that she not only knows how to blog, she also knows how to make really, REALLY awesome holiday cards, by submitting *TEN* UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL pink christmas cards!!! and yes, we are donating $4 for each and every one of them! do give yourself the treat of clicking through to see all ten, and while you're there, be sure to leave her some love! 

made two exceptionally lovely cards (the other is here) which prove that you can add a little accent of pink to even the most traditional color scheme and have it look amazing!

not only incorporated the color, but also the message of our pink christmas prompt with her simple... and simply perfect... "season of hope" card!

we want to thank EVERYONE who participated, because we know for a fact that some of you don't even like pink, but you were willing to go along with us for a good cause! we'd also like to to mention/brag about a few other lovely belles who made multiple cards this week:  deannemarika gabez, nikki cberit synnoveevelinejulia aston, cyndie, gina, marie bingaman and andreja each made two or more AMAZING cards that we know you are going to want to go and see... and they all get counted in our donation tally, no matter how they were linked, we have counted EVERY individual card submitted--even the ones we made-- for a grand total of 97... how ♥FABULOUS♥ is that?!  multiply 'em by $4 per card... and we came up with $388, but some of us really hate math... (ok me, lauren, lol) we rounded that up to a nice even $400, just to make the division and subtraction easier; and we've zapped that contribution to susan g. komen for the cure; they have a super-convenient online donation form... just sayin'... something else we're just sayin' is: 

you all

(by the way, we'll be back at midnight with the new prompt; c'mon back and play!)


June Houck said...

Yay for Electra, who created a totally Lauren-y card (Lauren-y is defined as the highest card compliment), Vickie for turning that BG collection that I always use for autumn cards into a beautiful Christmas card, and Candy for a beautiful and uniquely embossed card with a perfect sentiment for a pink card!

I am still working on my pink card...yeah, it's too late for the challenge, but I will complete it!!!

Candy said...

Wow!!! $400 is awesome!! So many wonderful entries this week - and all for a great cause!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards showcased this week from the "winners", but if course the real winner is the charity, that's an amazing amount raised from a few little pink Christmas cards. Kudos to the Jingle Belles.


Andrea said...

wow well done $400 is excellent it was a privilege to take part thank you x