Friday, October 17, 2014

Daniel Craig wants you to make a ♥PINK♥ Christmas card!

Ok, sorry, that's a total lie, but it got your attention, darlings, didn't it? Which was my point. This is Lauren, as if you didn't guess, lol; don't tell Stephanie I've hijacked the blog for a minute, ok? 

Not to be shamelessly self-promotional... well no, actually that's EXACTLY what i want to be, but not for myself... for our JINGLE BELLES "Pink Christmas" prompt! I know you already know we're making ♥PINK♥ holiday cards and that for each one linked up we'll donate $4 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation; I also know you know there's a post with all the details and a cool challenge graphic right below this one. I hope you'll scroll down and check it out, then link up a card (or two, or ten?!) and then tell all your friends! Thanks very much for your support, now back to our regular ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ reminder post!

We're still feeling in the pink, so here are the cards we made this week:

Jessi says, "I went with a sassy boob image... I figured it was fitting given the cause, lol. This card took a little longer to create than usual, as I kept starting cards and then -DOH- forgetting pink."
*shakes head*

(Lauren says, "Jessi, I am soooo happy to hear I'm not the only one who does that!)

Lauren says, "I hardly ever take a 'do over' on cards, but I actually made the card you see here last week, and I really liked it, but for the grand debut of Pink Christmas 2014 I decided it wasn't quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite pink enough for my liking. So I made the ornament card and posted it first. But of course your card doesn't have to be all pink or even mostly pink... it just has to have some noticeable pink on it, and this one definitely fits the bill; plus I have always adored and hoarded the mustard gold Christmas paper Rhonna Farrer designed for Autumn Leaves years and years ago with the swirly trees on it, so this seemed like a great time to use one of those!"
Stephanie says, "I went *all PINK* this week using three different pink designer papers (none of which are actually *Christmas* papers) and two pink cardstocks.  The layout is this week's Retro Sketch and stamps are from Clearly Besotted."


~amy~ said...

Hello Friday!
chuckling at Jessi's card description :) Love all three cards ladies!

Becca Cruger said...

Ha! This made me burst out laughing. Thank you all for your generosity and sharing your talents!

Lee Ann Barrett said...

Gorgeous inspiration, ladies!