Friday, August 23, 2019

TAGS! (Again!)

We're still making tags OR holiday cards which incorporate tags; and you still have time to join the fun, which we hope you will! Here's how we were inspired to create with tags this week:

Stephanie says, "This week's tag card was so easy, it almost felt like cheating ... so much so that I made several.  Pre-made silver/gold card base; 3-D glitter star tag; and sticker sentiment.  To be honest, you have some people on your card list that won't appreciate a card that takes 2 hours to make ... and these cards are for them."

Lauren says, "I'm usually more of a "cards which incorporate tags" kind of girl; but this year my card stash seems pretty healthy, so I've had fun making tags which will get attached to giftbags in December. Once again, I've made two tags that coordinate, because I have a specific pair of recipients in mind. I think everyone knows I love Doodlebug Design- especially their stickers- and I've used LOTS of them here! One of my favorite ways to use smaller items... like stickers or brads... is to frame and cluster them. Having said that, I have no problem with letting things overlap the edge of the frame, or even the edge of the tag for that matter!"

Scroll down to the original post (just below this one) to see the amazing readers' gallery and link up your own tag-centric creations!

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