Thursday, July 26, 2012

it's a red (or green!) letter day

we reached a record level of participation, and bold new heights of creativity this fortnight, for which we thank you, ♥JINGLE BELLES♥! we're very grateful for the participation of our lovely-- and talented-- guest star, june houck; and she, in turn, would like to thank you, too!  here's june:

Wowza! Nearly 60 entries, I am soooooo pleased. I was tickled that quite a few people made green and red versions and linked each card up. Quite a few people mentioned in their posts that this was a challenge for them, and yet they rose to the challenge! Thank you to all who were able to participate. I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and some new ones too.  There are a plethora of GREAT cards linked (if you haven't had time to peruse them, check them out!) Less than 5 months until Christmas… 


here are a few red *OR* green creations which especially amazed and impressed us all:

june says, "A jaw dropping and stylish CAS card. I love that paper piercing! I want to CASE this card!"

june says, "INSPIRED! The tumbled snowman is brilliant! Fantastic card idea."

june says, "Fabulous and fun elements: the felt tree and the distressed stars background make a truly unique and beautiful card."

once again we thank everyone who participated, and add our own extra-special shout out to the very talented june houck for joining us! we hope you'll come on back at midnight when our brand new prompt goes live! ♥


Marianne said...

Well done Jingle Belles. I especially love Leanne's card. Fully agree with June on that one!

June Houck said...

Stef & Lauren, thank you for having me. JB is such a fun challenge blog and I think your followers are some of the most delightful bloggers.

Annette Allen said...

super cute cards..

Kelly said...

oooh those are so cute!

LeAnne said...

Well, yippee skippee! Thanks for highlighting my card! The others were so fun, too!!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so SO much, you fabulous Belles! I am super excited you picked my silly snowman :) Have a fabulous week!