Thursday, February 17, 2011

it's a (no) RED LETTER day!!! :)

WOW! round of applause, JINGLE BELLES, to miss lisa for setting us such a great prompt, and to all of you who sooooooooo ROCKED the non-traditional holiday color combos! most impressive and totally inspiring! (if you've not cruised this week's cards yet, you HAVE me!)

here are some particularly fabulous creations that lisa thought interpreted "no red, she said!" especially well!

lisa says, "WONDERFUL color combo!! Love how bold & beautiful the Taken with Teal is with the soft & subtle Sahara Sand!! And I love the use of bling. One can never have too much bling!"

lisa says, "Love the two-tone green/blue background and the trees embossed on top. GORGEOUS!! I LOOOOVE one-layer cards that give tons of dimension and THIS card is no exception. Absolutely beautiful!!"

lisa says, "Love, love, loooooooooove all the awesome panels of color. All without a hint of red! Jess scored BIG with this card!! LOVE IT!!

our hearty thanks to *EVERYONE* who played along with such enthusiasm; and of course an extra special thank you to LISA of PAPERGRACE DESIGNS for being our lovely guest star this week! (if you've not visited her blog NEED to go...SO MUCH amazing papercrafting inspiration to be found over there!)

the next brand new JINGLE BELLES prompt is so special that for this occasion only we are adjusting our start and end times: we'll be starting at 5am tomorrow...and you'll have an entire extra day to link up your cards! how come? well, you're going to have to wait and see; but i can reveal that we're joining up for the week with another AWESOME papercrafting website...and there *will* be PRIZES! (we're excited...can you tell?!) :)


~amy~ said...

yahoooo ladies!!!!!! Such fab card and a big woot woot to Lisa for such a fun challenge!

Can't wait for tomorrow's festivities to begin!

Linda said...

Wow--ladies--these are fabulous! I really like the idea of no red on Christmas, so may use that some more--thanks to Lisa for the cool idea and I hope I get organized enough to play this next time; y'all are super inspirational!

Tyggereye said...

I love them all!! So pretty!

Rose said...

fab cards girls :)

your excited..........I'm scarred to see what is coming!! LOL

Lisa - papergrace said...

I loved doing this so VERY much. ♥ The Jingle Belles - Lauren & Stef - are just the most amaaaaazing women EVAH!!! I hope everyone is just wracking their brains & thinking of ideas so that they can guest star, too. It was WA-HEY too much fun. ;)

KatheD said...

{still blushing} - you featured my card - thanks, i'm so honored to be in such fabulous company! and i can't sit still waiting for tomorrow, guess i'll have to go make something!

Alli said...

Well done everyone!
So looking forward to seeing what we are playing with next!